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John Ricca - Woodsman | Philosophy
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John Ricca – The Woodsman

Art is a craft or trade using the principles of quality and production to express the realm of beauty or extra-ordinary significance.  Skilled workmen are artists who create objects of beauty, functional or non-functional.

Upon this premise I construct furniture utilizing an intervening living substance, wood, for the expression of my art. The method of construction I use is called solid joinery which is in essence old world craftsmanship. Just as the early joiners in the time of the turn of the century used dovetails, mortise & tenon and tongue & groove joinery, I individualize each piece using this method.  Joinery exists when interlocking components are assembled with glue and the joint becomes stronger than the surrounding wood. Nails, screws, staples and other mechanical fasteners could be used but the end product is compromised. Solid joinery produces  a way of long lasting beauty.  Thus my motto is “built to last generations”. This type of construction is the common thread throughout all of my work whether it be kitchens, offices, dining rooms or entertainment centers.


I work in residential as well as in commercial installations.  I  utilize the finest hardwoods in a wide array of designs from Shaker, Art Nouveau and Mission style through contemporary. I pride myself upon listening carefully to the needs of my clients so that I may bring forth the full expression of an object of beauty. All finishes are environmentally safe and non-toxic. When commissioned to build I will provide you with drawings and perhaps even finished samples of wood as a means of communication before beginning the construction process.